Our Values

Our Values


At parINas, we uphold the belief that each child, staff, parent, associates have only good intentions and each one is in a constant endeavor for excellence. Our philosophy is to get each one connected authentically to their ambitions and align their energies towards the creation of a lively and vibrant TODAY that fulfils their ambitions.

 Integrity & Discipline

Integrity and Discipline is the key to mastery of anything that matters to an individual. We uphold the value of integrity and discipline as we respect the greatness of people and ground ourselves in the foundations of trust, courage and openness.


At parINas, we believe that each human being is unique and extraordinary and our mission is to enable our children to discover their uniqueness and extraordinary greatness in themselves and others.

Power Of WE

At parINas; while individual excellence is a mandatory asset for an individual, it is very critical in today’s world that children are equipped with the right skills, attitudes and mindset to perform effectively in a team environment. Our core values enable the children to unleash their true power by providing an environment to experience the power of WE and discovering what is possible with the power of WE.

Transparency & Courage

parINas believes in creating and maintain a culture of Transparency & Courage where there is an environment of free and fearless space for sharing, caring and communication while we uphold the value of focus on Excellence.

Focus on Excellence

Focus on Excellence is a continuous pursuit at parINas be it academics, arts, sports, intellectual or any area. Our focus is to ongoingly to adapt to the best in the world that contributes to the holistic development of the child.